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All of ShadowMasters body piercings are performed with sterile needle, disposable forceps and sterile jewelry.  The standard jewelry is surgical stainless steel, but gold is sometimes available.  The only piercings ShadowMasters will perform on a person under the age of 18 are the ear and the navel.  For this to be considered, the parent must make contact by telephone or in person to discuss the situation.  If it is decided the piercing will be performed the legal guardian will then be required to attend the piercing, provide identification and sign the accompanying forms.  ***Anytime you receive 2 piercings in one sitting, there will be 1/2 off the price of the second piercing.



  • Lobes: $25.00 (sm. hoop or stud)
  • Cartilage: $30.00 (sm. hoop)
  • Tragus: $40.00 (sm. hoop)
  • Industrial: $55.00 (long barbell)

Eyebrow: $40.00 (sm. hoop or sm. circular barbell)


  • Side: $30.00 (cubic zirconian stud)
  • Side: $40.00 (sm. hoop)
  • Septum: $40.00 (circular barbell or hoop)

Lip: $40.00 (labret stud or hoop)

Tongue: $45.00 (straight barbell)

Nipples: $40.00 for one $60.00 if you do both in one sitting (curved barbell, hoop or circular barbell).

Navel (Belly Button): $40.00 (curved jeweled barbell, hoop or circular barbell)